The E. & H.T. Anthony Companies

Edward Anthony & Co., New York, NY; 1847-1862
E. & H.T. Anthony , New York, NY; 1862-1901
Anthony & Scovill Co., New York, NY; 1901-1907
ANSCO Photoproduce, Inc., Binghampton, NY; 1907-1928
ANSCO-AGFA, Binghampton, NY; 1928-1939

E.& H.T. Anthony Patents:
255,566; Mar 2, 1882: plateholder with both horizontal and vertical slides
255,567; Mar 2, 1882: bellows that revolve at the front standard (Novel and Novelette)
267,821; Nov 11, 1882: plateholder
272,622: Feb 20, 1882: substantially the Fairy Camera
272,717; Feb 20, 1883: plateholder with hinged front
273,008; Feb 27, 1883: plateholder
Aug 26, 1884: essentially the zephyr plateholder (zepher plateholders are stamped with the Nov 11, 1882, Feb 27, 1883
and  Aug 26, 1884 patent dates)
307,965; Nov 11, 1884: clamp-hooks for making bed rigid
341,886; May 18, 1886: focusing attachment
342,212; May 18, 1886: side-mounted screw on rear standard for swing adjustment
379,964; Mar 27, 1888: spring back and bellows support for Long Focus Novelette

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