The Gundlach/Manhattan Companies

Gundlach Optical Co. (c.18851902)
Milburn Korona Co. (1894acquired by Gundlach in 1896)
Manhattan Optical Co., Cresskill, NY (?-1902)
Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Co., Rochester, NY (1902  c.1926)
Gundlach Manufacturing Corp. (c.1926)
Seebold Invisible Camera Co. (1928-? bought Gundlach Mfg. Corp.)

The Gundlach Optical Co. made lenses only until they acquired the Milburn Korona Co. (which had a line of view cameras) in 1896. Gundlach continued to manufacture lenses (such as the Turner-Reich Convertible Anastigmat) and cameras. They merged with the Manhattan Optical Co. which brought in a line of mainly leather-covered red bellows cameras. The company was re-named by John E. Seebold in 1928.

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