Gregg, William T., New York, NY

Gregg’s Folding Camera

Date Introduced: – ; Years Manufactured:  c. 1888-1890
Construction: front focus via rack and pinion (gears internal to base);  reversing by removable back; double swing
Sizes Offered: 4×5; 5×7; 6.5×8.5; 8×10
Notes: William T. Gregg was an optician located at 104 Fulton St., New York, NY.  The camera offered is an English-style compact camera.  It is significantly different than the English-style cameras offered by American Optical, E. & H. T. Anthony, Rocherster Optical Co. and Scovill at the time, and therefore probably manufactured by Gregg’s own craftsmen.  The lens is also marked Gregg, although it must have merely been purchased from an optical company (e.g., Darlot) and engraved at the Gregg factory.  All English-style American cameras were knock-offs of actual English cameras manufactured by a number of companies in Great Britain.  Gregg labels are found on leather-covered hand and stand cameras as well.
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American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1890, p. 31

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