Field View Cameras

.M.L. & W.H. Scovill, Waterbury, CT (1802-1849), non-ferrous metal products (including Daguerreotype plates)
Scovill Mfg. Co., New York, NY (1849-1889)
Scovill & Adams Co., (1889-1901)
Anthony & Scovill (1901-1907 & see The Anthony Companies)
ANSCO, Binghamton, NY (1907-1928)
AGFA-ANSCO, Binghamton, NY (1928-1939)
GAF (1939-)

Scovill Mfg. Co. is intimately connected to American Optical Co., whom they bought in 1871. The two companies often produced series of cameras almost identical in construction, except that the American Opticals had better woods and higher grade of finish – i.e. the Scovill was the cheaper version of the American Optical.

Many of the ads for the earlier cameras use the same engraving to illustrate more than one model. For example, catalog 1 will advertise model 1 and model 2 cameras using an engraving to illustrate model 1. Another catalog will advertise model 2 only, using the previous model 1 engraving.  Apparently, the end of the line for many of the cameras below was the merger between Scovill and E. & H.T. Anthony in 1901 – the Anthony and Scovill catalog of June, 1901 contains only view cameras from the Anthony line.

Scovill Mfg. Co. still exists to this day, although they no longer manufacture cameras. Pick up a paper clip; there is a good probability that it is a Scovill product.

ANSCO era and later models are at the bottom of the page.

Scovill Patents:
277,787; May 15, 1883; blackboard slide for plateholder (patent held by Blair, but Scovill used it by royalties paid)
283,589; Aug 21, 1883: Flammang revolving back (always stamped Flammang’s)
328,664; Oct 20, 1885: rod & cylinder system for making bed rigid (by Flammang, and often stamped Flammang’s Patent)
436,891; Sep 16, 1890 (Scovill & Adams): Albion-type revolving tripod ring in base and braced front standard that folds into base (but Albion was advertised in 1888)

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