New Smart Technology

Why Make my House Smart?

The smart home is a promise of comfort and security. Opening a lock with a smartphone or viewing from a distance what’s going on in her house seemed utopian a short time ago.

Smart Home: Why It’s a Trend for the Future

Thanks to advances in information technology, our homes will soon all be governed by a home automation central computer capable of meeting every need, from the simplest to the most complex, with scenarios programmed in advance.

Alarm and Video Surveillance Systems, Powerful Tools

Everyone wants to ensure the maximum security of their family and their place of residence, because the intrusion of burglars, sometimes accompanied by violence, is very traumatic for everyone.

The Installation of an Alarm System is a Very Effective Deterrent

Opening contactors on doors and windows and motion detectors are an effective means of detecting intrusions. Any detected attempt is indicated by an audible alarm and the transmission of a signal to a surveillance company as well as a notification to the owner of the dwelling.

Systems are becoming more sophisticated and reliable, guaranteeing against the risks of the pullout, frequency tampering, and interference. They are also evolutionary, which allows for the gradual acquisition of various additional elements.

The connected home automation alarm is an evolution of the traditional alarm system which is enriched with more advanced interactive features with the elements of your home. It uses the internet box connection of the house to maintain contact between you and your home, wherever you are: at home, at the office, on holiday.

The management of the system is done in a very simple way by a dedicated interface accessible via a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

If an intrusion is detected, you are immediately alerted. If a camera completes the installation, images are sent to remove the doubt immediately. So you know live what is happening in the house, directly from a connected computer or smartphone.

Home Automation and Connected Home, the Choice of the Future

The smart home is a remote-controlled home in which daily life is facilitated and safe. This connected House is no longer a science fiction dream but a reality that is developing at high-speed thanks to constant advances in computer science.

Home automation is the automation of all the key functions of the House: heating, room temperature, electricity, and roller shutters, and all connected objects that can be controlled electronically with remote control. It organizes the convergence of all the equipment installed in a house.

It is Truly an Exceptional Vehicle of Comfort and Security that Opens Infinite Perspectives.

Adjusting the temperature of rooms at a distance according to schedules or-simplifying the life of an older adult by allowing them to interact more easily with their home are examples of the scope of this technology.

The home automation box is the brain of your smart home; it is the link between all the connected devices. She interprets requests and centralizes data to automate the House. From a smartphone, you can manage the operation of the equipment remotely; it is very simple and fun management that the whole family appreciates.

Most operator boxes are compatible, and the installation of your alarm center with home automation functions is extremely simple. Just connect it to an ethernet port of your ADSL box via a cable, and turn it on. It is then operational.

This box has other advantages. For example, by optimizing the operating range of electrical appliances, it is possible to achieve savings on the electricity consumption of up to 30% on energy bills. The approach also contributes to the preservation of the environment by limiting the use of non-renewable energy.

Keeping the Elderly at Home, a Goal That Requires Home Automation

Seniors want to age at home, and there are not enough retirement homes to accommodate them. It is, therefore, a real challenge for society to provide, in the area of assistance to the person, to design and organize a habitat that offers security both psychologically and logistically.

Home Automation Automates the Equipment and Makes the House Easier

Essential functions, such as heating, lighting or shutters, are programmable, including various parameters related to weather conditions and the presence or absence of occupants. The user avoids repetitive and arduous movements and actions.

With the smart home, seniors ‘ loved ones are alerted when an unexpected event occurs and can react very quickly. It is even possible to view the rooms of the house from a smartphone. Home automation improves the daily lives of the elderly and gives the family peace of mind. It offers many opportunities very soon.

Smart Assistants, the Home Automation Revolution

The intelligent assistant, also called virtual personal assistant, is a software program that performs tasks for one person. Artificial Intelligence designed to support man, it is experiencing a real boom. Significant progress has been made recently in the area of voice recognition technology. The development of programming interfaces has also made it possible to add new functionalities. Intelligent helpers become capable of understanding many of the questions posed by a human being, and we will probably see in the future the emergence of a meta-intelligence capable of interconnecting objects. Today the personal assistant answers all kinds of questions and offers answers using the billions of data drained by search engines.

Economists say we are on the verge of a societal revolution. Thanks to home automation, consumers will be able to control all physical aspects of their daily lives effectively. Equipped with a home automation central and connected objects that interact with each other, our homes will be controlled simply from a smartphone or tablet.

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