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Fiberquant regularly publishes summaries, information articles, talks, and a newsletter, which are of general interest to laboratory personnel or laboratory users.

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Brochures for Asbestos, Lead-in-Paint, and Fungi/Mold analytes.

  • Information Circular #1 (15 April 1994) Lead in Paint Samples: taking and submitting paint samples to the lab to be analyzed for Pb (13K).
  • Information Circular #2 (22 April 1994) Asbestos Sampling: considerations for sampling and submitting asbestos samples to the lab (14K).
  • Information Circular #3 (8 Jul 1994) Friability in PLM Analysis: definition of friability; field friability vs. what is seen in the lab (14K).
  • Information Circular #4 (11 November 1995) Gravimetry/Asbestos Quantitation: Two types of gravimetry, one for industrial hygiene measurement of nuisence dust, and one to quantify asbestos samples (12K).
  • Information Circular #6 (2 March 1998) Portable XRF Lead-in-Paint Surveys: Basics of a survey, XRF vs. AA technology (12K).
  • Information Circular #7 Point-Counting of Bulk Samples for Asbestos: history, advantages and limitations of point-counting (12K).
  • Information Circular #8 Frequently Asked Questions about an XRF Survey.
  • Information Circular #9 Sample and Analysis Types for Fungi and Mold – Culturable: types of analysis available from Fiberquant and brief descriptions of sampling.
  • Information Circular #10 Sample and Analysis Types for Fungi and Mold – Non-culturable: types of analysis available from Fiberquant and bried descriptions of sampling.
  • Information Circular #11 Spore Trap Counting Methods

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