The George Eastman Companies

Eastman Dry Plate Co., 1881-1884
Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co., 1884-1889
The Eastman Co.,
Eastman Kodak Co. (EKC),

The Eastman or EKC name will be found on a large number of view cameras 1900-1930. With the exception of the Interchangeable View (which was earlier), all of these EKC cameras were previously made by companies such as Rochester Optical Co., Folmer & Schwing, Monroe and Gennert, and Blair Camera Co., which were purchased or absorbed into EKC. The original model names of the cameras were kept, and the absorbed factory continued to manufacture the cameras, though with the EKC name on the model tag. The models below that are continuations from such other companies link to the original company page.