Date Introduced:  ; Years Manufactured: c. 1926-1935
Construction: front and back focus via rack and pinion (gear tracks on top of base rails), double extension; double swing back, shifting and rising front
Materials: darkly stained cherry; brass hardware (deluxe version with nickeled hardware); black leather bellows (early), or later, black leatherette bellows (deluxe version with red leather bellows)
Sizes Offered: 3.25×4.25, 4×5, 5×7 (photo); 8×10
Notes: extension is built-in – an improvement over the detachable rear extension so often lost on models such as the Improved Empire State and Eastman 2d. One interesting feature is that both the front and back standards slide on the same size metal tracks, so can be interchanged, if desired – the camera in the engraving is set up for back focus, while the camera in the photo is set up for front focus.
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