Fiberquant Analytical Services


Our Greatest Asset

Larry S. Pierce

Lab Director, Quality Assurance Officer
Asbestos: TEM, PLM, PCM
Lead: AA, XRF
Microbiology: non-culturable analyst
B.S., Chemisty, University of Wisconsin, 1971
M.S., Geochemistry, Arizona State University 1975
Ph.D., Geochemistry, Arizona State University 1979

Michael A. Breu

Deputy Lab Director, Marketing and Sales
Microbiology: Technical Manager, culturable and non-culturable analyst
Lead: XRF
B.S., Biology, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

David M. Schaller

Asbestos: TEM, PLM, PCM; Lead: XRF
A.B., Geology, Occidental College, 1983
M.S., Geology, Arizona State University, 1989

Robert A. Mccormick

Deputy QA Officer, PCM Lab Supervisor, PLM Lab Supervisor
Asbestos: PLM, PCM; Lead: XRF
B.S., Geology, Whitworth College, 1985
B.A., Physics, Whitworth College, 1985

Uwe Steimle

Asbestos: PLM, PCM, TEM
Lead: XRF
Diplom Geologe (Masters), Eberhard-Karls Universitat, Tubingen, Germany

Martin A. Esquer

Asbestos: PCM
Lead: XRF, AA
B.S., Chemistry, Arizona State University

Michael A. Cook

Asbestos: PLM, PCM
Lead: XRF, AA
B.S., Chemistry, Southern Utah State College

Galina Volkova

Microbiology: non-culturable analyst
B.S., Geology, St. Petersburg State University
M.S., Paleontology, St. Petersburg State University

Sharon E. Wilensky

Microbiology: culturable/non-culturable analyst
B.A., Biology, Gettysburg College
M.S., Biotechnology, Johns Hopkins University

Ruth Vivas

Microbiology: non-culturable analyst
B.S., Biology – , Arizona State University